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Czech Creators Celebrate Local Creative Commons Licenses

Michelle Thorne, April 15th, 2009

czech-flagCreators can now publish and share their creative works using CC’s free tools adapted to Czech language and law. CC Czech will be throwing an event to celebrate the launch in Prague’s DigiLab AVU on April 16 during the Multiplace festival.

CC Czech has gathered a lot of supporters since its inception last year. Besides the project’s institutional hosts, Iuridicum remedium, the National Library in the Czech Republic, and the Union of Independent Authors, CC Czech has also received endorsement from the Copyright Department of the Ministry of Culture and Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Charles University of Prague. The team reports:

The joint forces of lawyers, librarians, musicians, teachers, artists, geeks, journalists and other specialists delivered not only what we were aiming for – the localized CC deeds and legal codes – but also proof that the ideas behind CC echo in many areas both professional and amateur. From archiving original Czech web content, to educational materials, to works from independent music producers and performers, CC opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities. There is no doubt the today’s launch is only the beginning of the Czech Creative Commons story.

Our congratulations and gratitude to CC Czech Project Leads Marek Tichy, Lukáš Gruber, and Petr Jansa for their efforts in consulting with Czech creators and legal experts to adapt CC’s licenses and tools. The launch marks the fifty-second jurisdiction worldwide to offer localized Creative Commons licenses.

Read more in our press release.


Czech License Draft in Public Discussion

Michelle Thorne, January 9th, 2009

flag_of_the_czech_republicsvgOn behalf of CC Czech, we are pleased to announce that the draft of CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, adapted to Czech law (PDF), is now in public discussion. The CC Czech team, led by Marek Tichy, Lukáš Gruber, and Petr Jansa, have been working with Creative Commons International to port the CC licensing suite to Czech’s copyright law. The local CC project is affiliated with the reputable National Library, Iuridicum remedium, and the Union of Independent Authors, whose members are contributing to the assessment of the license draft.

As part of the public discussion, we warmly invite you to join CC Czech’s discussion list and share your comments with local and international legal experts. If you are interested in providing input for other local ports, several jurisdictions are currently discussing their license drafts as well, including Jordan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

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