We Met Greenplum’s Matching Challenge!

Allison Domicone, December 7th, 2009

Thank you to all who gave a donation to CC over the past week! All gifts were generously doubled by Greenplum, who matched $5000 of donations to our fundraising campaign. We’re extremely grateful to Greenplum for their ongoing support of Creative Commons and their dedicated work building digital tools for the 21st century.

We rely on the generosity of our corporate and individual supporters to enable us to carry out our mission of facilitating participatory culture, and we hope you will join all those who have already supported CC by donating to our annual campaign!

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Greenplum Doubling All Donations for the Next Week!

Allison Domicone, December 2nd, 2009

We’re entering the final weeks of our 2009 fundraising campaign, and if you have yet to make a gift to CC (or even if you have!) now is the time to do so because any amount you give will automatically be doubled by Greenplum! Give today and Greenplum will generously match every donation dollar for dollar for the next week – up to $5,000! Donate now to help us meet their challenge!

Formed in 2003, Greenplum is led by pioneers in database systems, data warehousing, supercomputing, Internet performance acceleration and open source. With technical and business leaders from large-scale computing companies like Amazon, eBay and Yahoo, and database companies including Oracle, Informix, Teradata, Netezza, Microsoft and Tandem, Greenplum is tapping the best minds in the business to deliver the next-generation of data warehousing and analytics. Greenplum deeply understands the importance of the internet to create digital tools for the 21st century, and we’re delighted to have them as a corporate sponsor of our campaign!

Join Greenplum in investing in the future of creativity and knowledge. Give what you can today!

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