News From Florida Free Culture

Neeru Paharia, February 16th, 2005

The Florida chapter of Free Culture made their presence known at the University of Florida Law School’s Music Law Conference. They wrote about the experience here on their blog, and also made a remarkable visual display which can only speak for itself. The photos were taken by Gavin Baker:







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Fine Art of Sampling Contest Judging

Neeru Paharia, February 16th, 2005

The Fine Art of Sampling Contest has drawn to a close and we’re fortunate enough to have great judges picking the winners. For the Freestyle Mix, WIRED music editors and contributors Eric Steuer, Philip Sherburne, Adrienne Day, Hua Hsu, and Geeta Dayal will be making the final call. For the Militia Mix, Brian Hardgroove of the Fine Arts Militia, Scott Egbert of GigAmerica, and their associates will be making the final pick.

If you’re interested in hearing the submissions (of which many are amazing) they’re all available here, and here. We’d like to thank all of the entrants and judges for participating in this experiment of free culture.

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Web only artist nabs a Grammy Award

Matt Haughey, February 15th, 2005

While not Creative Commons licensed, we were gratified to hear that a web-only release from Maria Schneider won a Grammy at the recent awards, despite the fact that her CD was only available from ArtistsDirect, and not in any record store. Reuters has a good wrapup and it’s our hope this is the first of many for artists recording, producing, and releasing their music online.

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Our Sampling Contest deadlines drawing near

Matt Haughey, February 9th, 2005

Over on our Mixter site, we’re nearing the closing date on the Fine Art of Sampling contests. Saturday, Feburary 12th is the last day to submit your entries into The Freestyle Mix contest pool and the Militia Mix pools.

The top prize on the Freestyle Mix will be appearing on an upcoming mix CD released by Creative Commons, while the best Militia Mix track will end up on the Fine Arts Militia’s next album. If you’re into audio mixing, turntables, and making music on your computer, check out the current entries and be sure and upload your entries before Saturday’s deadline.

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Free Spam Filtering for Progressive Nonprofits

Mike Linksvayer, February 9th, 2005

Marc Perkel is offering free spam filtering for progressive nonprofit organizations (more info here). Creative Commons has been using his service since last summer. I don’t get much spam delivered to my inbox.

Thanks Marc!

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A short short story

Matt Haughey, February 8th, 2005

Scott Esposito noticed a short story, within a book of poetry, all on the copyright page of the book. An amusing tale of the entire history of a poem collection.

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Building a low-cost studio

Matt Haughey, February 8th, 2005

Engadget has a great tutorial about how to build a low-cost music and vocal recording studio using a new Apple mini, a few audio components, and some instruments. They include some step-by-step help working with Garageband as well. If you’ve been recording music at home with poor results or wanted a way to create your own Creative Commons licensed music at home, this tutorial offers a lot of tips on how to get started.

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Barbara Kruger and the Public Domain

Glenn Otis Brown, February 2nd, 2005


Last night Francesca and I went to see the artist Barbara Kruger speak at the San Francisco Art Institute. Kruger is known for, among other things, stark photo-and-text collages that appropriate the language of consumer culture to comment on it.

After the talk, Francesca (our resident art expert) gave Kruger a Creative Commons t-shirt and explained what it is we do.

“Oh, sounds like Lawrence Lessig,” Kruger said.

“He’s our chairman,” Francesca and I said in unison.

“Wow, if you have to have a hero, he’s as good as anyone I can think of,” she said. “Please tell him that I use his book to teach my grad school courses.”

Having endured and prevailed in a copyright litigation (over the image above), Kruger can appreciate the benefits of free culture.


O’Reilly Licensing Book, Licensed

Mike Linksvayer, January 31st, 2005

I just noticed that Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing, published last year by O’Reilly, is now available as a no cost download under a Creative Commons license. The book includes a chapter (PDF) on Creative Commons licenses.

Thanks O’Reilly and Andrew St. Laurent, the book’s author!

Via Slashdot.

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World Live (and Licensed) Web

Mike Linksvayer, January 31st, 2005

Kevin Marks mentioned on the cc-metadata list that you can query Technorati for a list of recently syndicated content, grouped by Creative Commons license.

You can also drill down and get a list of recently syndicated content under a specific Creative Commons license.

The results are a bit rough now, but one can easily imagine combining license searches with keyword and other search filters to effect an ongoing search for specific licensed content. For example, tell me whenever a Creative Commons licensed image of horses is syndicated.

Marks, who works at Technorati, indicates this sort of capability is “an important future direction.” Other blog and search outfits take note.

(Glenn found the beautiful horse image linked above via the Creative Commons search engine.)

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