New at ccMixter: Christopher Willits Remix Contest

Eric Steuer, November 15th, 2006

Today, Creative Commons, XLR8R magazine, and Ghostly International launched the Christopher Willits “Colors Shifting” Remix Contest on ccMixter. The winning remix will be featured on an XLR8R Incite CD compilation, which will be included with a future issue of XLR8R magazine. The contest ends on December 27, 2006 — visit the contest site for more information!

Also, don’t forget about Cursive’s Bad Sects Remix Contest going on through January 31, 2007. The winner of that contest will have their remix featured on the b-side to an upcoming Cursive single.

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CC Salon NYC this Friday, Nov. 17

Eric Steuer, November 14th, 2006

This in from CC pal Fred Benenson, current CC Salon NYC organizer:

New York City’s next Creative Commons Salon is Friday November 17th, 6:30pm at Fontana’s (105 Eldridge St. between Broome and Grand in the Lower East Side). This salon features Megan Miller from who will be discussing and presenting Popular Science‘s recent foray into the digital world known as Second Life. Tim Schwartz from the Museum of the Moving Image will also be joining us and discussing the recent projects and digital exhibitions at his museum.

So drop by on Friday for some cheap drinks, and come ready to talk about the Commons in NYC. This is the last salon of the year, as our December salon is combined with a special birthday party for Creative Commons on Friday, December 15th.

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Sun Microsystems Donates 25,000

Melissa Reeder, November 13th, 2006

We are pleased to announce that Sun Microsystems has pledged $25,000 towards our annual fundraising campaign goal of $300,000. They have chosen to continue their support  of Creative Commons and the broader vision of  a participatory culture, a culture to which both institutions are committed. Sun’s vision everyone and everything participating on the network means that “when people are networked, they share, they interact, and they solve problems.” We thank Sun for their continued support as we will be able to continue realizing the mission of helping to enable a participatory culture, a global digital commons, for another year.


If you too support our mission, either by way of your personal convictions, your work, or your company’s mission and feel committed to our cause please visit our “Support Creative Commons” page or contact our Development Coordinator, Melissa Reeder, to determine the best way for you to support the work of CC.


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CC Swag Photo Contest Week 1 Winner

Melissa Reeder, November 13th, 2006

Today’s winner of this week’s CC Swag Photo Contest is Naufragio. We applaud his use of the CC and showing his CC pride. Good job Naufragio!

To all our CC supporters who are considering entering the CC Swag Photo Contest, do not be discouraged! There are 5 weeks remaining, that means 5 more weeks of winners to be announced! This photo in no way shapes the context of this contest – we are open to all entries as long as the work supports both your vision of CC and CC’s mission by using CC Swag. Whether that swag is purchased in our store (which goes directly to our annual campaign), acquired over time by attending CC events, or belongs to a friend is entirely up to you and will not be considered by the judges.

Creative Commons wants to thank all the participants and to encourage everyone to continue shooting, uploading

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CC audio similarity search

Mike Linksvayer, November 13th, 2006

OWL multimedia has launched an audio similarity search engine stocked with 10,444 CC-licensed tracks from ccMixter and Magnatune, with many more to come from other CC supporting sound repositories.

You can search OWL via but its real power is finding new music through music. The OWL website allows you to choose an mp3 on your hard disk, which will be used to show you tracks that sound similar to the mp3 you provided. You can select a segment of a track to search on and of course you can limit your search to tracks with licenses that permit uses you require, e.g., commercial or derivative use.

This should be an amazing resource for music discovery in general and remixers in particular — try it out!

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Cursive and Saddle Creek present: “Bad Sects” Remix Contest

Eric Steuer, November 10th, 2006

The very awesome indie rock band Cursive is currently hosting the “Bad Sects” Remix Contest. Visit the contest site to download the CC-licensed audio stems for the song “Bad Sects” (from the group’s new album, Happy Hollow. Then use those tracks, along with your own music, to create a remix. Submit your best work to the band’s label, Saddle Creek, for a chance to have your remix used as the b-side of an upcoming Cursive single.

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Connexions going far

Mike Linksvayer, November 8th, 2006

ZDNet has a short and very sweet item on Rice University’s Connexions, a very early adopter of the CC Attribution license:

How far can this go? One of the big problems in college education is the cost of textbooks and courseware. It keeps smart kids from getting the degrees they need to succeed. Connexxions is putting the most-popular community college texts online free, with hardbound copies at $30 each.

Pretty far.

Read the whole post.

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Tango Desktop Project

Mike Linksvayer, November 8th, 2006

The Tango Desktop Project is creating beautiful icons intended for use in free software desktop applications, but usable by anyone (vector and bitmap formats) under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike license.

Old-school film graphic by Jakub Steiner, CC BY-SA.

Via Digg.

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Creative Commons launches the CC Swag Photo Contest on Flickr

Melissa Reeder, November 8th, 2006

Today, Creative Commons launched the first CC Swag Photo Contest on Flickr to promote our Annual Fundraising Campaign. The contest offers a chance for people to win prizes for creatively photographing their CC Swag (t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. — all available from the Support the Commons store) and showing their support for CC during this critical fundraising period. Two winners will have their photos used on Creative Commons’ informational postcards, which will be distributed internationally to promote CC and the winning photographers. Winners will receive 100 copies of the postcard with their photo. The winners will also be able to choose a Creative Commons board member to record a personalized outgoing voicemail announcement — that’s right, your friends can be greeted by Lawrence Lessig every time they call you! For more information, please visit the contest page and read the rules.

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Digital Tipping Point

Mike Linksvayer, November 8th, 2006

Newsforge has a story about Digital Tipping Point, a documentary on the free software and free culture movements now entering post-production. 59 clips have been posted so far to the DTP collection at the Internet Archive, all licensed under the CC Attribution-ShareAlike license:

Welcome to the The Digital Tipping Point (DTP) collection. The DTP crew describes their project as a Point-of-View (POV) documentary film about the rapidly growing global shift to open source software, and the effects that massive wave of technological change will have on literacy, art, and culture around the world.

The DTP crew says their project will be the first feature length documentary about free open source software to be built in an open source fashion out of video submitted to the Internet Archive.

The DTP crew has shot over 300 hours of footage of leading politicians, CEOs, and software developers from all over the world, and is now releasing this footage to the Internet Archive community under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

The DTP crew invites you to take their video and rip, mix and burn it however you like, for whatever purpose you like. You can even use the footage for your own commercial film, as long as you release your final product under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

Of course, The DTP crew asks you to consider joining their film effort, and contribute your edits, transcriptions, translations, animations, and music to the main DTP film effort, but please feel free to make your own video as well. The DTP crew hopes that their footage will spawn many films to be shown twice a year at open source software conferences such as OScon in Portland, Orgeon, and the FISL conference in Brazil.

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