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CC News: Video Contest Winners Announced

Elliot Harmon, August 7th, 2012

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Why Open Education Matters
Why Open Education Matters
Blink Tower / CC BY

Watch the winning entries in our Why Open Education Matters video contest.

iSummit08: Jimmy Soriano
iSummit08: Jimmy Soriano
Tomislav Medak / CC BY

Jimmy Soriano of CC Philippines passed away last week and will be greatly missed by the CC community. Please join us in remembering Jimmy's passion and contributions to open culture.

Catherine Ngugi
Catherine Ngugi
Ibtihel Zaatouri / CC BY

In June, Creative Commons hosted a historic event — the first meetup of the African Creative Commons community.

Creative Commons instructions

Creative Commons just reached an exciting milestone. As of July 25, there are four million Creative Commons–licensed videos on YouTube.


In other news:

  • We've just posted Draft 2 of Version 4.0 of the CC license suite. Learn what's new in 4.0 and what issues are still being discussed.
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Creative Commons Remembers Jimmy Soriano

Jessica Coates, August 3rd, 2012

iSummit08: Jimmy Soriano
iSummit08: Jimmy Soriano / Tomislav Medak / CC BY

Creative Commons would like to take this opportunity to remember the great contribution made to its community by Atty. Jimmy Soriano.

Jimmy first joined the CC community in 2005 when he launched our CC Philippines team. Over the past 7 years, he has been a constant presence at CC events, a major contributor to discussion and debates, and a particularly influential figure in our Asia-Pacific community. For several years, he served as head of the CC Asia and the Pacific Community, launching its first newsletter and hosting its conference in Manila in 2009. Jimmy’s friendliness, patience and wisdom made him a natural leader in our community, taking the role of mentor and advisor to many new affiliates in his region.

In his role both in CC and as Executive Director of the e-Law Center of the Arellano University School of Law, Jimmy was a particularly strong advocate for open education and the need to make knowledge and learning accessible to all. He practiced his own values through his teaching, advocacy and academic work, in which he sought to make the law accessible and understandable to all members of society.

Jimmy passed away on Monday, after a year of lingering illness. He will be greatly missed by all in the CC community.

Below are a few memories of Jimmy and messages for his family shared by CC’s community. You can find more messages here.

I am truly saddened to hear the news. He was and will always remain an inspiration to our whole community including me. – SooHyun Pae, CC Korea

Jimmy is one of the few jurisdiction project leads I first met. I admire his thoughtfulness and passion ever since. I miss you, my friend. – Tyng-Ruey Chuang, CC Taiwan

When I met him at CC Asia Conference in Seoul, he gave us a great smile and that made us relaxed and united as Asian community. Everyone will miss him a lot. – Chiaki Hayashi, CC Japan

I will never forget his passion and warm smile forever. Good bye, Jimmy, my old friend. Rest in Peace. – Jay Yoon, CC Korea

Jimmy was the sweetest person and such a dear friend. He always made me smile. He will be remembered fondly and with much love. – Alina Ng, CC Malaysia

His wisdom and sense of humor will be deeply missed. – Juan-Carlos De Martin, CC Italy

His enthusiasm will remain in our hearts forever. – Nevenka Antic, CC Serbia

Jimmy’s passion, wisdom and warm smile inspired us a lot. We will miss him deeply. – Chunyan Wang and the rest of the team at CC China Mainland

Thank you to the community that Jimmy helped build for showing all of us how much he meant to us. – Lawrence Lessig, Board

CC Birthday Party in Manila
CC Birthday Party in Manila (Jimmy center back) / CC Philippines / CC BY-NC


Draft 2 of 4.0 Ready for Public Comment

Diane Peters, August 1st, 2012

Tower / Paul Holloway / CC BY-SA

We are pleased to post draft 2 of 4.0 for public discussion. This comes after several months of substantive conversations on a number of policy issues, with input solicited from our global community on the CC license-development list (archive), through affiliate consultations, via comments posted directly on our 4.0 wiki, and submissions to staff.

We fielded comments from an impressive number of jurisdictions — more than 50 by our estimate. The combined input reflects an incredibly diverse set of opinions and an equally diverse group of constituents. Individual creators, educators and educational institutions, governments, policy makers, academics and many others all added their voices to the conversation. We received a great deal of input and revision proposals, and people shared many informed (and sometimes passionate) opinions on a wide range of topics. And while compromise and consensus are not always achievable, we feel the decisions reflected in draft 2 are well grounded and considered.

Indeed, several decisions to leave existing 3.0 provisions unchanged (such as the scope of NonCommercial and ShareAlike, as well as the prohibition on TPMs) follow threads of consensus that emerged during the process. Moreover, they are consistent with our responsibility as a steward to avoid disrupting expectations absent a compelling justification and corresponding (anticipated) benefit. These outcomes also further the goals and objectives established for 4.0. We encourage a close review of the relevant pages on the 4.0 wiki for details on these decisions and more. Thanks to all who contributed to improving the 4.0 draft.

Although much progress has been made, policy and other topics remain that will benefit from your input before the next draft is published in October. Although we will be focusing much of the discussion on an identified set of issues, input on any topic or proposal of interest is welcome. Among others, we plan to solicit feedback and discuss branding and related proposals for the NC (and possibly ND) licenses, and to continue work toward compatibility with other licenses. We will also be examining in more detail how the licenses work with data and databases to ensure they operate smoothly and as expected.

Note that this 4.0d2 comment period is shorter than the previous, and is expected to close in early September.

Please contribute to this next important step in the versioning process, and watch for updates on this weblog. You can give your input on open issues and the current draft by joining and posting to the CC license development and versioning list, or by contributing ideas directly to the 4.0 wiki.

Thanks again for a productive comment period. We look forward to hearing from you in this second and equally important phase.


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