ccNewsletter #10 – ccLearn

Allison Domicone, December 10th, 2008

ccNewsletter #10

December’s newsletter features ccLearn, the education branch of Creative Commons which has grown substantially this year and has a lot of exciting plans lined up for its bright future as a leader in the open education movement. The newsletter also brings to you news highlights from each of CC’s other program areas.

As you’ll see in this newsletter, we have begun experimenting with a new format as a way to bring you the latest CC news in a more manageable way, so check out #10 and see what you think! As always, many thanks to the CC Philippines team for designing the PDF version.

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4 Responses to “ccNewsletter #10 – ccLearn”

  1. Thanks for licensing this image as CC “by” !
    Your photo is uploaded here :
    under the terms of the Creative Commons “by” license.

  2. On the page 9, this image :
    doesn’t exists on Wikipedia.

  3. The image of cats in page is illegally used. It’s under All rights reserved :

  4. You could write an article about ESO and the CC by adoption :