Job Opportunity: CEO (2020)

Viewcrest Advisors Position Description

Reports to: Board of Directors
Open. CC’s team works virtually, with colleagues based in North America, South America, and Europe. The C.E.O. must operate effectively in multiple time zones.

Creative Commons will welcome its next Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.) as it prepares to enter its third decade. With tremendous assets to leverage – CC’s core competencies, credibility and track record, as well as the skills, commitment, and passion of its talented board/advisory board members, staff, global network, and thousands of volunteers the C.E.O. has a rare opportunity to both shape the organization’s future strategy and operationally lead the team and community.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Champion, and effectively communicate, CCs’ mission and values;
  • Continually analyze market trends to identify opportunities for CC to contribute to efforts that preserve and extend the Internet’s capacity as a platform for creating and sharing knowledge;
  • Partner closely with the Board of Directors and staff to refine strategy as needed;
  • Translate strategy into clearly-aligned plans and initiatives with objectives, benchmarks, and accountability, possibly including decisions to deprioritize projects that detract resources from CC’s core and highest focus areas;
  • Engage, cultivate, and significantly expand CC’s philanthropic donor base while exploring earned revenue models where mission-aligned;
  •  Ensure that CC’s brand is promoted to multiple audiences globally;
  • Serve as a spokesperson and thought leader on issues related to CC’s work and its field;
  • Act as a true partner to CC’s global network, expanding its reach, size, and engagement;
  • Build collaborative partnerships and networks alongside sister organizations that enable CC’s projects to scale and achieve greatest impact and change;
  • Mentor, manage and coalesce a small, high-performing team:
      • Model collaboration, effective decision-making, creativity, innovation, and learning as well as inclusivity across cultures and languages;
      • Maximize team building, virtually and in periodic face-to-face meetings;
      • Support transparency, accountability and diversity, equity and inclusion at every opportunity;
  • Support product and policy development in alignment with team objectives and benchmarks:
      • Review and clarify competing needs;
      • Drive excellence in execution;
      • Address and resolve any barriers to effective program delivery while demonstrating an understanding and appreciation of the value of CC’s technology and products within the broader ecosystem of the open web;
  • Ensure effective financial stewardship and long-term fiscal sustainability for the organization;
  • Support the Board in its critical governance work and fiscal oversight.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a creative strategist and manager to champion the work of a leading voice in the open movement as it evolves its role within its community and the world. This endeavor demands: vision; entrepreneurial instinct; multicultural fluency (ideally with experience of a global movement or organization); a naturally collaborative and transparent work style and ability to galvanize stakeholders with diverse perspectives; exceptional written, oral and relationship skills; a track record of funding/revenue generation and operations experience; and a genuine commitment to see shared creativity and knowledge more accessible to creators and users alike.

You must have reasonable mobility for travel to twice-annual, all-staff meetings, and the CC Global Summit (at least 3 trips per year, some of which will be international depending on your location.

We believe that diverse teams build better organizations and better services. Applications from qualified candidates from all backgrounds, including those from under-represented communities, are very welcome. Creative Commons works openly as part of a global community, guided by collaboratively developed codes of conduct and anti-harassment policies.

Please share nominations or submit a resume and cover letter, in an editable document format, to Kathleen Yazbak, Founder and Nora Nichols, Associate at Viewcrest Advisors:

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About CC

Creative Commons ( is dedicated to building a globally-accessible public commons of knowledge and culture by making it easier for people to share their creative and intellectual work, as well as to access and build upon the work of others. By helping people and organizations share knowledge and creativity, Creative Commons aims to build a more equitable, accessible, and innovative world.

A United States based nonprofit organization, Creative Commons (CC) was founded in 2001 by a group of legal and technical experts who were determined to harness the power of the Internet to build a more vibrant commons of creativity and knowledge. CC pursues this mission by developing and deploying a suite of open content licenses and public domain tools
that enable widespread sharing, use and reuse of creative works. Today, CC licenses and tools are the global standard for sharing content with over 1.6 billion CC-licensed works online, including on major platforms like Flickr, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, and YouTube. CC’s licenses are crucial for open education, open access research, open data, open GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, museums), and more.

Creative Commons has a staff of 21, is geographically-dispersed on three continents, with an operating budget of $4+ million. Core and expanded activities to pursue CC’s mission include:

  • Providing Creative Commons licenses and public domain tools that give every person and organization in the world a free, simple, and standardized way to grant copyright permission for others to copy, distribute, and make use of works.
  • Working closely with major institutions to ensure the correct use and implementation of CC licenses and public domain tools, and CC-licensed content, including major GLAM institutions and advocates supporting open digital cultural heritage content around the world.
  • Supporting the CC Global Network to contribute and develop plans that foster global collaboration in the open ecosystem; CC Global Network is comprised of 42 chapters, 471 Individual members and 55 Institutional members, distributed in 72 countries. This passionate community of advocates, activists, educators, librarians, artists, and users works to increase the volume, breadth, and quality of openly-available knowledge worldwide.
  • Developing new technologies like CC Search that make openly licensed material easier to discover and use
  • Offering the Creative Commons Certificate, an in-depth course for people interested in becoming experts in creating, using and advocating for openly-licensed works.
  • Working closely with leading copyright organizations and coalitions to engage in policy initiatives that impact the ecosystem in which CC licenses and public tools operate including, for example, assisting national governments in properly implementing the UNESCO Open Educational Resources Recommendation to ensure open licensing policies support publicly funded open education resources, and proper implementation of the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.
  • Visualizing and overseeing the organization of the CC Summit, an annual event that brings together an international group of educators, artists, technologists, legal experts, and activists to promote the power of open licensing and global access to knowledge.