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The Art of Community – Stories and Tips for Community Building

The ever enthusiastic musician, community leader, and now author Jono Bacon has just announced his next Creative Commons licensed endeavor: a book published by O’Reilly on building, maintaining, and energizing communities called Art of Community. The announcement posted on artofcommunityonline.org explains the project: The book covers a wide range of topics designed to build strong … Read More “The Art of Community – Stories and Tips for Community Building”

Onemedia Unconference

If you can’t attend the Standford Open Source (Un)Conference this Friday because you are in London, you are in luck! There is another unconference option right in your city! The Onemedia Unconference, which is being held in London today and tomorrow, is hoping to provide a venue for all who are interested in how new … Read More “Onemedia Unconference”

Severed Fifth

Written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by Jono Bacon, the album touches a range of political and social topics, driven by a brutal, thundering style with pounding double bass drumming, grinding guitars and guttural vocals. The album was recorded in Jono’s home studio in central England and combines a range of styles. Pre-release listening sessions … Read More “Severed Fifth”

Creative Commons HowTo

Molly Kleinman, Copyright Specialist and Special Projects Librarian at the University of Michigan, just wrote up a nice howto for people who use Creative Commons licensed material in their work. This will hopefully add to the repository of knowledge for best practices on material integration. This is an ongoing issue in the community. No matter … Read More “Creative Commons HowTo”

libLicense 0.8 now available!

Thanks to the great work of Asheesh Laroia, Software Engineer here at Creative Commons, the libLicense software package is now available for software developers. The new package can now be found in both Debian and Ubuntu (development versions) and will be in Fedora soon. That is all well and good, but what does it mean … Read More “libLicense 0.8 now available!”

Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase

Coming to a Linux distribution near you: The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase. The Community Manager for Ubuntu, Jono Bacon, just announced a contest to have your song or video distributed with the next Ubuntu release in October! What this means is that Ubuntu is giving free culture musicians and movie creators the opportunity to get … Read More “Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase”