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Openness, Mapping, Democracy, and Reclaiming Narrative: Majd Al-shihabi in conversation

Majd Al-shihabi, the inaugural Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellow, is a Palestinian-Syrian systems design engineer focusing on the role of technology in urban systems and policy design. He is passionate about development, access to knowledge, user centered design, and the internet, and experiments with implementing tools and infrastructures that catalyze social change. He studied engineering at … Read More “Openness, Mapping, Democracy, and Reclaiming Narrative: Majd Al-shihabi in conversation”


The Commons Opens Up the World

I first got involved with Creative Commons last year when the Creative Commons Global Summit happened in Toronto. I had just moved to Toronto, so it seemed like a great opportunity to see what the organization did firsthand.


Knowledge Crushes all Barriers

One of my major goals is cross-collaboration in the open movement. I’ve realized that there isn’t enough cohesion between the different programs and individual projects that exist here in Ghana and elsewhere. We need a coalition.


We’re entering a new era for the Commons

At this year’s Global Summit we’ll announce the recipient of the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship. It’s a partnership between Creative Commons, Wikipedia, Mozilla and the Fabricatorz Foundation, which I’m a co-founder of. Noura, Bassel’s wife, and Jamil Khartabil, his father, will also be at the Summit to present the award.