Joost de Cock in homemade shirt, jeans, and shoes. CC-by-SA-NC

Let’s make some clothes: Joost de Cock on Make my Pattern

The delightfully quirky sewing site Make my is the work of self-proclaimed “sewcialist” Joost de Cock, a Belgian designer with a flair for fashion. When he started Make my Pattern, de Cock set out to solve a major issue for amateur sewers: patterns fit best when hand-drafted, but hand-drafting is inaccessible to most hobbyists. … Read More “Let’s make some clothes: Joost de Cock on Make my Pattern”


CC is Awesome!

‘Awesome’ by Sam Howzit, CC BY 2.0 on Flickr One of the greatest strengths of the Creative Commons organization is the dedicated volunteers worldwide who help build openly licensed projects and educate the public about CC in their local communities and internationally. A few months ago, we provided mini grants to these communities through The … Read More “CC is Awesome!”


Creative Commons and Museu da Imigração: notes on a Brazilian experience

I had the privilege of participating in the second Institute for Open Leadership (IOL), held in Cape Town and hosted by Creative Commons and the Open Policy Network. The institute was attended by people from various places around the world, all with incredible projects. For the last nine years I’ve been active in the area of … Read More “Creative Commons and Museu da Imigração: notes on a Brazilian experience”

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Big win for CC in Italy

Last year, Festival delle Resistenze 2016 in Trentino-Alto Adige misused a photo of the journalist Niccolò Rampini that had been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under a CC-by-SA-4.0 license by a professional photographer named Federico Caranti.