James Patrick Kelly

Over the holidays, we caught up with acclaimed writer (and podcaster) James Patrick Kelly and asked him some questions regarding the interesting and unique ways he has embraced CC licenses for his work. Read on to find out what positives Kelly has seen in using CC as well as which CC evangelist (hint: he also … Read More “James Patrick Kelly”

I wouldn't steal <video>

I wouldn’t steal is a new and cute one minute video making the case that sharing is fair and people who would never steal a handbag, car, or television nevertheless download film and music. Whatever you think of that, there’s no ambiguity around downloading and remixing I wouldn’t steal — it is licensed under CC … Read More “I wouldn't steal <video>”

24/7: A DIY Video Summit

From February 8 – 10, the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at the University of Southern California will be holding a phenomenal series of panels and screenings focused on DIY video in the digital age, tittled “24/7: A DIY Video Summit“. Topics of discussion range from the artistry and aesthetics involved in this new form of … Read More “24/7: A DIY Video Summit”