CC and Net Neutrality tracks the changing climate of education–more specifically, the movement towards the growing availability of Open Educational Resources on the web. In a recent post entitled, The Digital Commons — Left Unregulated, Are We Destined for Tragedy? , they explore the potential of the open digital commons, concluding that open access is the key to … Read More “CC and Net Neutrality”


vosotros is an LA-based record label that, over the past year, has been exploring unique and new ways of promoting music in the digital age. Ranging from their regularly updated podcast to their monthly residency in downtown Los Angeles, vosotros has acted as somewhat of a musical petri dish, experimenting with a variety of different … Read More “vosotros”

ACLU Embraces CC Licensing

The ACLU has begun its first foray into CC licensing, releasing all the content from their new website,, under a CC BY-NC-ND license. By releasing this information under a CC license (and with plans to utilize CC licenses more in the future), the ACLU is actively committing itself to the notion of “conversation,” allowing … Read More “ACLU Embraces CC Licensing”