Copyright Panel in NYC: "Is Intellectual Property Dead?"

This Tuesday, Feb 26th, the New York City Bar Association will be hosting a panel discussion titled, “Is Intellectual Property Dead? The Revolt of Students for New Directions”. The speaker list is phenomenal (including CC alumni Fred Benenson) and the panel promises to illuminate the issues a new generation of content creators/consumers face in relation … Read More “Copyright Panel in NYC: "Is Intellectual Property Dead?"”

Loops: Solo Dance, CC-Licensed

Loops is an amazing new project, created collaboratively between the Merce Cunningham Dance Company and The OpenEnded Group, to release Merce Cunningham’s choreography for his solo dance Loops under a CC BY-NC-SA license. By releasing Loops under a CC-license, anyone is able to perform, reproduce, and adapt it for non-commercial purposes. Simultaneously, the digital artists … Read More “Loops: Solo Dance, CC-Licensed”

Nebraska Library Commission adds CC-licensed books to collection

Congratulations to the Nebraska Library Commission for spearheading an initiative to add Creative Commons-licensed book editions to the library collection. Michael Sauers, Technology Innovation Librarian for the Commission, was asked, “Why don’t libraries start cataloging and offering CC-licensed works?” The NLC staff went to work cataloging and then posting electronic versions of CC-licensed works like … Read More “Nebraska Library Commission adds CC-licensed books to collection”

License drafts from Ecuador & Norway enter public discussion

We are very pleased to announce that the public discussion of localized license drafts has begun in Ecuador and in Norway: It is a great pleasure to invite all interested parties to join the teams in Ecuador and Norway in discussing these drafts adapted to their respective jurisdictional law. For their progress and … Read More “License drafts from Ecuador & Norway enter public discussion”

SciVee Television

Since Science Commons blogged about SciVee last August, the “YouTube for science research” has expanded. If you haven’t already, check out this science television for adults. It’s not your typical science programming–you won’t see Bill Nye the Science Guy here–but you could definitely learn a thing or two on this site promoting open science research. … Read More “SciVee Television”