Download the Creative Commons Newsletter #5

Answering Melissa Reeder’s invitation to share & remix our bimonthly newsletter, Atty. Michael Vernon M. Guerrero, Deputy Project Lead of CC Philippines, has released this absolutely beautiful PDF version. Enjoy!

CC Salon in Chennai

The first ever CC Salon in India will be held in Chennai on Saturday, February 9th at 4:00pm in The Camp. Come stop by for a discussion on Creative Commons, musical performances, networking, games, and a CC Birthday Party & dinner. Our thanks to Kiruba Shankar for his efforts in organizing! Interested in hosting a … Read More “CC Salon in Chennai”

Ronaldo Lemos' Public Policy Talk at Google

Ronaldo Lemos, chairman of iCommons and director for CC Brazil, recently gave a talk at the Google Public Policy series based around the theme of “Cultural Production and Digital Inclusion in Developing Countries”. It is a fascinating talk and a must watch for those interested in CC’s international jurisdiction work.

The Art of Magic Words

In one of the more unconventional uses of CC-licenses we have seen, Lysse Smith Wylle’s The Art of Magic Words, a book focused on spell poetry and magickal prose, is published with an instructional spell section licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license. From GroundMarkPress: While the first four chapters of the book are published under … Read More “The Art of Magic Words”