SCRIPT-ed Journal Licenses Content with CC

SCRIPT-ed, an open access journal covering a broad range of topics relating to law and technologies has begun to publish its content under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license. The journal, based out of the University of Edinburgh School of Law, examines issues including intellectual property, digital copyright, free expression, free software, privacy and public health. … Read More “SCRIPT-ed Journal Licenses Content with CC”

COMMUNIA Workshop: Technology and the Public Domain

Creative Commons’ CTO Nathan Yergler will be joining policy-makers and digital innovators at the first COMMUNIA workshop on “Technology and the Public Domain” on January 18th in Turin, Italy, to speak about the latest developments in CC metadata. The workshop, organized by Politecnico di Torino, aims at engaging in the international debate about the “digital … Read More “COMMUNIA Workshop: Technology and the Public Domain”

Duke Scholarly Communications Weekly Copyright Widget

In addition to releasing most of their library website content under a Creative Commons license, the Duke University Libraries Scholarly Communications Office has been posting a series of helpful “Copyright Widgets.” These short, information-packed notes provide some extremely useful copyright guidance to educators, researchers and others looking for digestible clarification on some complicated legal issues. … Read More “Duke Scholarly Communications Weekly Copyright Widget”

ACIA poster contest, case study project, and registration now open

ACIA: International Workshop on Asia and Commons in the Information Age hosted in Taipei January 19-20 (previously announced here) is now open for registration. The organizers have also announced a poster contest (deadline: January 11) and a case study project (deadline: December 31). Check out the workshop program.