Philippines introduces locally ported Creative Commons licenses

December 15, 2007 — San Francisco, CA, USA and Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines Today in Pasay City, the 42nd locally ported Creative Commons licensing suite will be launched for the Philippines. The Creative Commons licenses, now legally adapted to Philippine law, enable authors, artists, scientists, and educators the choice of a flexible range of … Read More “Philippines introduces locally ported Creative Commons licenses”

Mahalo Integrates CC Licensing

Mahalo, the “human powered search engine”, announced this week that they will be integrating CC BY-NC licensing into their search index, making the content reusable for noncommercial purposes. While APIs have often allowed developers access to a website’s back end, Mahalo utilizes more than algorithms to generate their index. Users sift through and moderate search … Read More “Mahalo Integrates CC Licensing”

CC Five Years at Found LA

Great news for those in Southern California who can’t make it all the way up to SF for CC’s 5 Year Birthday Bash – our friends at Found LA have decided to get together and throw us a party at their amazing gallery in Silverlake (Google Map here), with free drinks and a cake to … Read More “CC Five Years at Found LA”

Semantic Dogfood

Since the beginning we’ve provided our licenses for three separate, distinct audiences: humans, lawyers and machines. The machine audience has been served by metadata versions of the licenses. This metadata is encoded with the HTML you get from the license chooser, as well as for each individual license. For example, you can find the metadata … Read More “Semantic Dogfood”

CASH Music

CASH Music, an acronym for Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders, recently launched with great promise. Focusing on the ability for “read-write” culture to foster a better artistic community, their mission statement lays out some big ideas with equally large potential: The community we hope to foster at CASH Music is participatory, supportive, and beneficial … Read More “CASH Music”