LiveContent Available Through

Creative Commons is now offering LiveContent through the Open Source product distribution service On-Disk sells a variety of software packages conveniently contained on a CD or DVD. On-Disk provides “burn-on-demand” service and works with open source and smaller software and media developers — “helping low-budget or no-budget organizations publish their software and digital media … Read More “LiveContent Available Through”

More CC Cinema 2.0

Following up on today’s post on a short about “Cinema 2.0”, made with presumably Cinema 2.0 techniques … more links on CC Cinema 2.0 and nearby. The A Swarm of Angels collaborative film project is moving into its third phase, advanced development. The folks behind ASoW have also posted their ideas on 7 rules for … Read More “More CC Cinema 2.0”

2007 CC Swag Photo Contest Winners

The two overall winners of the 2nd annual CC Swag Photo Contest are (drum roll please) — Glutinx and Tyler Stefanich. Congratulations to you both! Thank you to everyone who participated – we greatly appreciate your support. And again – thanks to everyone who helped us reach our 2007 fundraising goal!

RightsAgent and CC+

RightsAgent, a “provider of copyright management solutions for user-generated content”, launched a little over a month ago with much promise. RightsAgent is built specifically with CC in mind and aims to streamline commercial transactions for CC NC licensed works, giving content creators a platform to “perform copyright transactions with those who wish to license their … Read More “RightsAgent and CC+”

Creative Commons Cinema 2.0

Check out this great YouTube clip we got e-mailed over the holidays, cut entirely of footage and sound from The Tracey Fragments. It was made to celebrate what the creator and editor, Toi Matteucci, saw as “Cinema 2.0.”, the reuse of footage from one film (in this case The Tracey Fragments) to create a new … Read More “Creative Commons Cinema 2.0”


Although we took a little break in our “Featured Commoner” series over the holidays, we are back in action with many more stories and interviews for the new year. First up in 2008 is Hugh Hancock, Artistic Director ad Co-Founder of Strange Company, the “world’s oldest pro ‘Machinima‘ production company” and producers of acclaimed full-length … Read More “BloodSpell”