In continuing our Featured Commoner series, we caught up with Alessandro Simonetto, founder of OnClassical, an audio label for classical music that uses CC licensing integrally in its business plan. What’s OnClassical all about? OnClassical is an online label for refined music. The name means both ON(line)CLASSICAL(music) and ON[about]CLASSICAL[music]. I define “classical” in the same … Read More “OnClassical”

Creative Commons Voluntarily Dismissed from Lawsuit

San Francisco — November 28, 2007 We are happy to announce that the plaintiffs in the Chang litigation, previously reported at, have voluntarily dismissed Creative Commons from that lawsuit. Although we are confident that any court would have agreed that there was no valid legal claim against us, this is a good result. It … Read More “Creative Commons Voluntarily Dismissed from Lawsuit”

Help Translate CC Software

As one of the staff members who helps answer general inquiries, I see quite a few messages that go something like, “Hey, I want to translate the license engine and deeds into my language! How do I do that?” Up until recently, we haven’t had a very good answer. Translations were handled by our international … Read More “Help Translate CC Software”

Roo'd on the iPhone

Roo’d, a CC BY-NC-SA licensed novel about “the future that’s closer than we think” recently got added to the iPhone eBook reader repository, iphoneebooks, making it the first modern novel therein. By using a CC license, Joshua Klein, the author of Roo’d, opened the door for the free digital re-distribution of his novel, making it … Read More “Roo'd on the iPhone”