Semantic Dogfood

Since the beginning we’ve provided our licenses for three separate, distinct audiences: humans, lawyers and machines. The machine audience has been served by metadata versions of the licenses. This metadata is encoded with the HTML you get from the license chooser, as well as for each individual license. For example, you can find the metadata … Read More “Semantic Dogfood”

CASH Music

CASH Music, an acronym for Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders, recently launched with great promise. Focusing on the ability for “read-write” culture to foster a better artistic community, their mission statement lays out some big ideas with equally large potential: The community we hope to foster at CASH Music is participatory, supportive, and beneficial … Read More “CASH Music”

"Open Yale Courses" Debuts Online

Today Yale College announced Open Yale Courses, thereby making a collection of Yale courses freely available online. Along with MIT’s recent announcement, this is fantastic news for the open education movement. “Open Yale Courses,” presents unique access to the full content of a selection of college-level courses and makes them available in various formats, including … Read More “"Open Yale Courses" Debuts Online”

Lingro: Open Translation

Lingro, a project that aims “to create an on-line environment that allows anyone learning a language to quickly look up and learn the vocabulary most important to them”, is beginning to look seriously cool. Give it a web page in any language, and it spits the same page back at you with the ability to … Read More “Lingro: Open Translation”

Free Holiday Music From Magnatune

Our good friends over at Magnatune are offering a sweet holiday deal–free music! Create an elegantly merry mood with the Magnatune Christmas Compilation, featuring over 60 minutes of the most timeless and classic carols of the season, by ten of Magnatune’s best-selling artists. When you download this album, you’ll be able to choose from one … Read More “Free Holiday Music From Magnatune”

MIT OpenCourseWare Publishes 1,800th Course

Image courtesy Steve Carson | CC BY-NC-SA Congratulations to MIT’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative, which has recently passed the 1,800-course mark. First announced in 2001, MIT OCW has grown from a 50-course pilot to a site that includes virtually the entire MIT undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Like many OCW projects, MIT uses the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share … Read More “MIT OpenCourseWare Publishes 1,800th Course”