Science Commons News: Nguyen on our Materials Transfer work

From the Science Commons blog … Looking for a better understanding of our Biological Materials Transfer Agreement project? Look no further. The latest edition of Innovations features an in-depth analysis of our Materials Transfer work, one of our three main areas of focus at Science Commons. The analysis was written by Science Commons counsel Thinh … Read More “Science Commons News: Nguyen on our Materials Transfer work”

Library Open Information R/evolution

Two recent shorts worth watching: Information R/evolution, a less frenetic followup to The Machine is Us/ing Us, and Libraries Going Open! from the Open Content Alliance. The first is more “meta” and the second more “data”, though there’s lots of overlap. They’re available under CC Attribution-NonCommercial and Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike respectively. Via Boing Boing.

Wake Up and Save the Music!

The netlabel music scene is booming. These ultra-wired record labels focus on the online distribution of digital audio files, which in most cases, are released under Creative Commons licenses. This means that, in the netaudio world, artists often retain their copyright, producers can offer free downloads for promotion, and fans can hear the music when … Read More “Wake Up and Save the Music!”

Luxembourg launch presentations

Luxcommons has videos, pictures, and presentations of Monday’s CC Luxembourg launch, as well as news of the first CC Luxembourg ported license user. Congratulations to the 40th jurisdiction to launch ported CC licenses! Sylvain Zimmer (Jamendo CTO) at CC Luxembourg launch, photo by Paul Keller licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial. Also congratulations to Jamendo, the CC music … Read More “Luxembourg launch presentations”