CC at the Frankfurt Book Fair

One of the largest book fairs in the world, the Frankfurt Book Fair, was held this year on October 10-14th in Frankfurt am Main. The city’s fair is the annual host of 300,000 visitors to over 7,000 exhibitions celebrating literature and cultures from around the world. The event also functions as a global meet-up for … Read More “CC at the Frankfurt Book Fair”

Bob Ostertag: w00t (!)

Last year influential avant garde musician and activist Bob Ostertag made all of his recordings that he has the rights to available as digital downloads under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. Now he’s released a new recording under the even more liberal CC Attribution license. Ostertag writes about the new release, w00t: In March of … Read More “Bob Ostertag: w00t (!)”


Continuing with our Featured Commoner revival, we are pleased to present an interview with Brandt Cannici, founder of Strayform, a “creation network” that uniquely helps artists fund their works by utilizing Creative Commons licensing. What’s Strayform all about? What’s its history? How did it come about? Who’s involved? Strayform is a new model for digital … Read More “Strayform”