Wikipages Goes CC, a “wiki-fied” business directory that allows anyone to add and edit entries on business listings, has recentlly gone CC by licensing all their content under a CC BY-SA licence. Although currently focused on the NYC-Metro area, Wikipages is gearing up to take on more cities in the immediate future. This is another fine example … Read More “Wikipages Goes CC”

C-Shirts, Code, and Music in Japan

  The Creative Commons team in Japan is ablaze with activism. At Mozilla 24 in Tokyo this September 15th, the Japanese team invited participants in their workshop to remix FireFox’s squeezeably-cute new mascot Foxkeh into over 45 uniquely designed CC-licensed T-shirts, a continuation of the successful C-Shirt project highlighted at the iSummit 2007 in Dubrovnik. … Read More “C-Shirts, Code, and Music in Japan”


Creative Commons is working with The University of Tokyo, Law Faculty to create Japan jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses. CCi Japan List Chairman: Professor Nobuhiro Nakayama (University of Tokyo, Law Faculty) Legal Project Lead: Yuko Noguchi Public Project Lead: Dominick Chen License draft. Post a message. Subscribe to the discussion. Read the … Read More “Japan”