Illuminated Corridor turns Prelinger Library inside Out on October 3

Next Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, Illuminated Corridor is assembling a collision of public art, live music and moving images inspired by the Prelinger Library and Archives‘ collections (which we have discussed extensively before). Everything will take place in the street and parking lot outside the Library, and on the walls of the building, at 8th and … Read More “Illuminated Corridor turns Prelinger Library inside Out on October 3”

Remix Public Enemy at Jamglue

Jamglue is back with another amazing remix contest, this time featuring revolutionary hip-hop act Public Enemy and their song “Amerikan Gangster”. From Jamglue: [Public Enemy’s] revolutionary grouping of groundbreaking soundscapes with decidedly political lyrics made Public Enemy, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most controversial, influential, and authoritative hardcore rap formation of the late … Read More “Remix Public Enemy at Jamglue”