The Web is Agreement

Detail from Paul Downey’s wonderful web architecture comic poster, licensed under CC Attribution: Full poster: There are a bunch of gems in the poster. Explore and remix.

Red Hat Shares the Love

Red Hat is now offering an opportunity to learn more about Linux and support CC at the same time! If you sign up for a Red Hat Linux course eligible for a promotional giveaway, you can waive that giveaway in exchange for a donation to CC. Thank you Red Hat for promoting sharing in so … Read More “Red Hat Shares the Love”

Which one is Bucky?

Bucky Jonson is the name of the band that drives the funky soul behind the multi-platinum Grammy winning band the Black Eyed Peas. The band is actually made up of Printz Board, George Pajon Jr., Tim Izo and Keith Harris. A few months ago they stepped out from the shadows with their oh-so-appropriately named solo … Read More “Which one is Bucky?”

Tracey: Re-Fragmented

The Tracey Fragments, the latest film from Canadian director Bruce McDonald, follows the story of a 15-year-old girl (Ellen Page) who has “lost her little brother and sets out on a desperate journey to find him”. While the film itself looks absolutely phenomenal, Tracey: Re-Fragmented, the film’s online counterpart, is where the project really begins … Read More “Tracey: Re-Fragmented”