CC at OpenCourseWare, Open Education Conferences

Recently, Creative Commons launched ccLearn, an educational arm of CC whose mission aims “to minimize barriers to sharing and reuse of educational materials — legal barriers, technical barriers, and social barriers.” Yesterday, ccLearn director Ahrash Bissell and Creative Commons CTO Nathan Yergler spoke at the OpenCourseWare Consortium Conference at Utah State. Their presentation laid out … Read More “CC at OpenCourseWare, Open Education Conferences”

Digitale Allmend helps organize 3rd Wikipedia Day

CC Public Project Lead in Switzerland, Digitale Allmend, will join Wikipedia CH in organizing the third Wikipedia Day on September 29 in Bern at the the Pädagogischen Hochschule, PHBern. The event will highlight scientific articles by professors, librarians, archivists, journalists, and students, with the aim of exchanging experience and ideas for Wikipedia and related projects. … Read More “Digitale Allmend helps organize 3rd Wikipedia Day”

Australian Creative Resources Online

After some web downtime, Australian Creative Resources Online (ACRO), a repository for open and CC-licensed creative content, is back in operation. Technically a not-for-profit research center, ACRO is simultaneously a research facility, a digital repository, a source of creative materials, and a place for people to display their digital works. From ACRO: This site is … Read More “Australian Creative Resources Online”

Flash Forward Mix

There is a great mix of CC-licensed electronic over at Gratisvibes, an amazing music blog based solely around CC-licensed electronic music. The mix itself stems from the Flash Forward Party in Singapore, part of iCommns’ 50 Great Parties Club. From GratisVibes: Well, it’s been a week but finally the guys (DJ FU, CT and I) … Read More “Flash Forward Mix”

Wikipages Goes CC, a “wiki-fied” business directory that allows anyone to add and edit entries on business listings, has recentlly gone CC by licensing all their content under a CC BY-SA licence. Although currently focused on the NYC-Metro area, Wikipages is gearing up to take on more cities in the immediate future. This is another fine example … Read More “Wikipages Goes CC”