The War Comes Home Uses Creative Commons Licences

The Pacifica Foundation’s flagship station, KPFA, has launched an interactive website,, that allows visitors to listen to and share stories about the consequences of the Iraq war for those in America, using their own blogs, email lists, and social networking sites. The website features audio stories, photos, transcripts, resources for veterans and activists, as … Read More “The War Comes Home Uses Creative Commons Licences”

LiveContent continues…

The LiveContent project lives on at Creative Commons. Over the summer, Creative Commons teamed up with Fedora and to build a LiveCD that runs open source software and showcases Creative Commons and other open content. The first iteration of the project was released at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Francisco, with the help of … Read More “LiveContent continues…”

Saturday is Software Freedom Day

Tomorrow, Saturday September 15, is Software Freedom Day, a “worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software.” Hundreds of teams around the globe will be holding local events to promote software freedom. Search for a team near you. Creative Commons supports free software and actively develops a number of free software projects. Tomorrow would be … Read More “Saturday is Software Freedom Day”

Mozilla 24 – this weekend!

No matter where you are in the world, you should check out the Mozilla 24 Conference this weekend. This worldwide community event will begin at 8pm PDT. The conference will be physically held in Tokyo, Paris, Thailand, and the San Francisco Bay Area. However, you can tune in to watch via the broadband video WIDE … Read More “Mozilla 24 – this weekend!”

Your copyright metadata on a GRDDL

As of yesterday GRDDL, pronounced “griddle”, is a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation. GRDDL allows one to describe in a standard way how to map information between different XML formats. The acronym stands for “Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages”, which describes exactly what the standard facilitates. This is important to Creative Commons because … Read More “Your copyright metadata on a GRDDL”