Day 6: CC Malaysia

The past 24hrs have been very active for the CCi Scholarship Campaign! I cannot stress how important participating in this campaign is and the opportunity at stake. A $100,000 matching challenge does not present itself very often so it’s critical that we meet this goal. We appreciate your support so much and hope that you … Read More “Day 6: CC Malaysia”

Wikitravel Wins Webby Award

Last summer, we featured Wikitravel as one of our Featured Commoners. Today, Wikitravel won a Webby Award for their free, up-to-date, complete world travel on-line wiki. Wikitravel is licensed under the Creative Commons 1.0 Attribution, Share Alike license. Way to go Evan and Maj!

Day 5: CC France

Yep – another slow day for the CCi Affiliate Scholarship Campaign. I had high hopes for the state of the campaign yesterday as I walked into work and I refuse to let them whither. As you all now assuredly know we believe that it’s truly important to fund the CCi Affiliates participation in the iCommons … Read More “Day 5: CC France”