PodTech Donates to CC

Following up on an earlier post, we are pleased to announce that PodTech, a technology and entertainment video network, has donated to Creative Commons on top of the money already paid to Lan Bui for his CC-licensed photograph. In doing so, PodTech has set a precedent in paying Bui for his photo and have further … Read More “PodTech Donates to CC”

CC Salon SF on WED, Aug 8 from 7-9 PM: Bittorent, Fedora, Intern Presentations, and Free Drinks!

Tonight we are back at Shine with what has become an absolutely awesome CC Salon. Think of it not only as a way to see some fantastic presentations (Bittorent Pres. Ashwin Navin, Jack Aboutboul, community engineer for Fedora at Red Hat, + Interns) but also as a way to celebrate the release of our brand … Read More “CC Salon SF on WED, Aug 8 from 7-9 PM: Bittorent, Fedora, Intern Presentations, and Free Drinks!”

Jamglue: Remix T. Pain, The Blue Scholars, and R. Kelly

Jamglue, an “online community for creating and personalizing audio,” has just launched an amazing remix contest featuring “southern soulster” T. Pain and his song “Bartender”. “Bartender” is available as separate instrument tracks, all of which are released under a CC BY-NC-SA license. By utilizing CC licencing, Jamglue offers its community an open way to interact … Read More “Jamglue: Remix T. Pain, The Blue Scholars, and R. Kelly”

CC at LinuxWorld

Just a reminder that we will be at the LinuxWorld Conference for the next three days (8/7 – 8/9) debuting the new LiveContent CD alongside Fedora in the “.org Pavilion“. Today, we will even be featuring a DJ set from the folks at Magnatune between 12:00 and 2:00. Its all happening at the Moscone Center … Read More “CC at LinuxWorld”

Humans, computers, and CC

Computerworld just published a short (and friendly, despite the “hot seat” title) interview with MIT professor and CC board member Hal Abelson. Much of the interview concerns Creative Commons and MIT OpenCourseWare, but is worth reading for some perspective even if you already know everything there is to know about CC and OCW. My favorite … Read More “Humans, computers, and CC”

Creative Commons and Fedora Release LiveContent CD

We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of LiveContent, a collaborative initiative to showcase Creative Commons-licensed media as well as free, open source software. LiveContent is a joint effort between Creative Commons and Fedora, Red Hat’s community-based open source platform. The LiveContent CD features a variety of Creative Commons-licensed media including audio, video, image, … Read More “Creative Commons and Fedora Release LiveContent CD”