Volunteers for LinuxWorld

The LinuxWorld Conference and Expo is quickly approaching, and as always, we are incredibly excited. This time though, it isn’t only because of the amazing things we will see and hear about (which are bound to be numerous) but also because it is the first time we are reaching out directly to you in the … Read More “Volunteers for LinuxWorld”

Progress on LiveContent v1.0

We’ve been working hard on developing LiveContent, an umbrella concept that works to expand access to dynamic CC-licensed content and free open source software. The first incarnation of LiveContent is taking shape in the form of a LiveCD, and you can help! We have an ISO image of the most current revision available here. Download … Read More “Progress on LiveContent v1.0”

DIY Now!

Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder have made their “guide to making a living making music out of your backpack, from anywhere, and everywhere” available as an ebook download licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike. Even better, they’ve put up all the book’s source files up for download and remixing. Via Boing Boing.