Free Culture Timeline Chalkboard

Photo by believekevin, CC BY-SA. A query to the cc-community mailing list asking for resources on the history of the copyleft movement led to many good suggestions and turned up the cool chalkboard timeline pictured above. While impressive visually, the chalkboard only covers 1998-2007 and leaves much important stuff out (such as the launch of … Read More “Free Culture Timeline Chalkboard”

DHTML puzzle license chooser live on labs

The snappy DHTML puzzle license chooser contributed by Sylvain Zimmer is now live at ccLabs. The previous iteration was implemented in Flash, which Sylvain demonstrated was unecessary. Try it out and please use the feedback form at the bottom of the page. Thank Sylvain by visiting Jamendo, of which he is CTO.

OER Commons

OER Commons provides open educational resources for teaching and learning that are freely available on-line for everyone to use, whether you are an instructor, student, or self-learner. OER Commons uses Web 2.0 features such as tags, ratings, comments, reviews, and social networking in order to create an on-line experience that engages educators in sharing their … Read More “OER Commons”

DJ Vadim Remix Contest

When Ben from the very cool indie label BBE Music got in touch with us and asked if we would be interested in a DJ Vadim remix contest at ccMixter we thought about it … for about a half a millisecond! You see, in the remixing/turntable world DJ Vadim is nothing short of a superstar … Read More “DJ Vadim Remix Contest”