Making CC explicit

Notes on “Law That Works” at VON ’07: It’s not made explicit frequently enough, but one of the core purposes of Creative Commons is to let agents and bots have sex with our permissions data. That’s why the licenses are machine readable. That’s why they can be embedded as metadata in digital files. Accordingly, we … Read More “Making CC explicit”

Summer of Code application deadline extended

Students, you have a couple more days: until 12:00 AM UTC March 27, 2007. Check out project ideas from Creative Commons and Science Commons. MusicBrainz also has a CC-specific Summer of Code idea, see improving Creative Commons integration. More details at our previous post on CC and SoC 2007.

A swarm of angels progresses

A Swarm of Angels, a project to collaboratively fund, make, and release (under CC BY-NC-SA) a sci-fi thriller (blogged here last May) is progressing. Participants are currently voting on the next stage of script development and trailer assets will soon be available for remixing at Get involved in this potentially groundbreaking project!

OPENSTUDIO: Open art project, open art community, both?

OPENSTUDIO, “an experiment in creativity, collaboration and capitalism” at MIT Medialab’s Physical Language Studio appears as a collaboration community for drawings (all are CC licensed) and an art project itself — some of the project’s features don’t feel quite right for either a physical or virtual environment — in the best sense, compelling examination of … Read More “OPENSTUDIO: Open art project, open art community, both?”

Eduserv Foundation

We are excited to announce that CC has received significant support from the Eduserv Foundation. The Eduserv Foundation is “a registered charity that works to realise the benefits of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for learners, researchers and the institutions that serve them.” We are honored to be included among their notable list of grantees. … Read More “Eduserv Foundation”