Come Together

Richard Koman has a nice first-hand account of our license release party on the O’Reilly Network. (This slipped past our radar last week.) Koman describes the event as an Eldred v. Ashcroft “reunion night,” which is somewhat accurate, though we’ll take the opportunity to remind folks that Creative Commons has no official ties to the … Read More “Come Together”


“Who Controls Information?,” ” By Kevin Werbach.

“Creative Commons, licenze per distribuire gratuitamente e tutelare il proprio lavoro.“


“Creative Commons y la profundidad del copyright,” in Spanish.

"And now you're gonna have to get . . . used to it."

One more from today’s cosmic copyright coincidence file: “Some of These Bootleggers, They Make Pretty Good Stuff” — a Salon piece on Bob Dylan and “the hidden industry he (unwittingly) helped create.” Thought-provoking.