Open Textbook Summit

On April 8 & 9, 2013 BCcampus hosted, and Creative Commons facilitated, an Open Textbook Summit in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. The Open Textbook Summit brought together government representatives, student groups, and open textbook developers in an effort to coordinate and leverage open textbook initiatives. Participants included: BCcampus BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Innovation and … Read More “Open Textbook Summit”

DRM in HTML5 Is a Bad Idea

Today’s latte, HTML5Yuko Honda / CC BY-SA Creative Commons strongly believes in the respect of copyright and the wishes of content creators. That’s why CC has created a range of legal tools that rely in part on copyright to enable our vision of a shared commons of creative and intellectual works. But when creators’ rights … Read More “DRM in HTML5 Is a Bad Idea”

CC Talks With: David Liao: Open Courseware and CC Licenses

Last week a researcher and educator by the name of David Liao contacted our team at Creative Commons about open courseware he had created, which we tweeted: "A mathematical way to think about biology." Really well put-together CC BY-SA course. @lookatphysics #oer — Creative Commons (@creativecommons) March 25, 2013 I sat down last Wednesday … Read More “CC Talks With: David Liao: Open Courseware and CC Licenses”

Open Education Around the World – A 2013 Open Education Week Summary

Creative Commons congratulates all those who participated in the second annual Open Education Week March 11-15, 2013. It’s impressive to see how global open education has become with contributors from over 30 different countries showcasing their work and more than 20,000 people from over 130 countries visiting the Open Education Week website during the week. … Read More “Open Education Around the World – A 2013 Open Education Week Summary”