Should Instagram Adopt CC Licensing?

A few days ago, Ryan Singel wrote a thought-provoking piece for Wired, suggesting that users pressure Facebook — and, by extension, its recent acquisition Instagram — to adopt Creative Commons licensing options. #electricity / mkorbit / CC BY-NC-SA Creative Commons embodied an ethos of sharing that went beyond just show-and-tell. It’s been a vital part of sharing … Read More “Should Instagram Adopt CC Licensing?”

CC10: Day 10

CC10 – dublab’s Creative Commons 10th Birthday Video Mix from dublab / CC BY-NC Ten years ago today, the first Creative Commons licenses were released. Over the past ten days, the CC community has celebrated around the world with concerts, discussions, hackathons, and parties. People in the community have put together mixtapes, created iPhone apps, … Read More “CC10: Day 10”