CC News: The Liberated Pixel Cup

Stay up to date with CC news by subscribing to our weblog and following us on Twitter. The Liberated Pixel Cup: an epic contest for gaming freedom We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Liberated Pixel Cup, a free-as-in-freedom game authoring competition being launched in cooperation between Creative Commons, the Free Software Foundation, Mozilla, … Read More “CC News: The Liberated Pixel Cup”

Day Against DRM 2012

Today is Day Against DRM. If you don’t already, you should know that DRM stands for Digital Rights Management (or probably more accurately, Digital Restrictions Management), and that we have blogged about this day before for good reasons, including, DRM causes problems regarding fair use, lack of competition, privacy and security breaches, forced obsolescence, and … Read More “Day Against DRM 2012”

LRMI integration workshop at Content in Context

This year the Content in Context conference (organized by the Association of Education Publishers and the Association of American Publishers School Division) will host a free Metadata Lab centered around educational metadata adoption. The main highlights of the lab: Education data standards overview with Jack Buckley (NCES/CEDS), Ross Santy (US DOE), and Michael Jay (Educational … Read More “LRMI integration workshop at Content in Context”

Cathy Casserly receives honorary doctorate from the Open University

Cathy Casserly / Ede & Ravenscroft / CC BY-SA In March, Cathy, our CEO, was recognized for her contributions to open education through an honorary doctorate awarded by The Open University. The Open University is home to the OpenLearn initiative, which makes available over 11,000 hours of structured learning via CC BY-NC-SA and has received … Read More “Cathy Casserly receives honorary doctorate from the Open University”

REMINDER to enter the Why Open Education Matters video competition

In March, Creative Commons, the U.S. Department of Education, and the Open Society Institute launched the Why Open Education Matters Video Competition. The goal of the competition is to raise awareness of Open Educational Resources (OER) and solicit short, creative videos that help explain what Open Educational Resources are and how they can be beneficial … Read More “REMINDER to enter the Why Open Education Matters video competition”