Almanaque Azul: a Panamanian travel guide licensed under CC

Almanaque Azul is a group of Panamanian environmentalists, artists, and explorers that began the process of creating a travel guide for the beaches of the Republic of Panama in 2005 through a blog that chronicled the amazing cultural and natural diversity of various small towns and deserted beaches. Over the years, dozens of volunteers reported … Read More “Almanaque Azul: a Panamanian travel guide licensed under CC”

Announcing new staff to support CC’s global network

I’m thrilled to announce two new additions to Creative Commons’ full-time staff—Claudio Ruiz and Simeon Oriko. Both Claudio and Simeon will be taking on newly developed positions focused on supporting the growth of CC’s global network.

FRANCOCAR: An Awesome Fund Project in West Africa

The Creative Commons Awesome Fund, a series of mini-grants intended to support our global communities, supported FRANCOCAR this year. FRANCOCAR is a range of events and activities in West Africa (Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Senegal) to promote open source software, digitization, and Creative Commons licenses. Follow #francocar if you want to stay in … Read More “FRANCOCAR: An Awesome Fund Project in West Africa”

Introducing CC Panama!

It’s been a long journey for CC Panama! As our newest official global community member, they have been growing their organization since 2014 and have emerged as a leading voice in the Central American knowledge commons. Their work spans many of the Creative Commons program areas, including open education, arts and culture, and advocacy. The … Read More “Introducing CC Panama!”