CC 4.0 German now live!

At the end of an intense process of expert hearings, thesaurus
discussions, translation sprints, legal language comparisons and several
rounds of fine-tuning the texts, the unified German translation of CC
licenses version 4.0 is finally here.

Announcing the official Polish translation of the CC 4.0 License

For a summary of the changes to the 4.0 license in Polish, please see this post. We are thrilled to announce our official translation of 4.0 into Polish. The translation process was time-consuming (Polish is a tricky language, believe us), but now all Polish speakers can benefit from the 4.0 licenses in their national language. … Read More “Announcing the official Polish translation of the CC 4.0 License”

Why we’re fighting to protect noncommercial uses

You may have seen our recent blog post explaining Creative Commons’ involvement in a court case between Great Minds, a publisher of educational materials, and FedEx Office, the retail chain that provides on-demand copying and printing services. To recap, Great Minds created educational materials under a U.S. federal government grant that required them to be … Read More “Why we’re fighting to protect noncommercial uses”