The European Commission should repeal extra rights for databases

In 1996 the European Union adopted the Database Directive, which aimed to harmonise the treatment of databases under copyright law and introduced the sui generis database right for non-original databases. Sui generis database rights are separate from copyright. They protect the “sweat of the brow” of the person who has made a substantial investment in obtaining, … Read More “The European Commission should repeal extra rights for databases”

Hacia la Implementación del Tratado de Marrakech en Uruguay

El “Tratado de Marrakech para facilitar el acceso a obras publicadas a las personas ciegas, con discapacidad visual o con otras dificultades para acceder al texto impreso”, constituye un hito en la relación entre los derechos de autor y los DD.HH., siendo el primer tratado internacional consagrado con el objetivo exclusivo de proteger los derechos de acceso a la cultura y el conocimiento.

Law for All: Free Law Project’s Radical Approach to Legal Transparency

What does open access look like for the law? Through free access to primary legal sources, the Free Law Project provides an important service to advocates, journalists, researchers, and the public. Joining with an international movement for Free Access to Law, the US-based organization helps people know their rights in an increasingly uncertain and rapidly … Read More “Law for All: Free Law Project’s Radical Approach to Legal Transparency”


CC 4.0 German now live!

At the end of an intense process of expert hearings, thesaurus
discussions, translation sprints, legal language comparisons and several
rounds of fine-tuning the texts, the unified German translation of CC
licenses version 4.0 is finally here.