On May 22nd, more than four years after his detention and six months after his disappearance, Bassel Khartabil (Arabic: باسل خرطبيل‎) will turn 35 years old. Bassel’s imprisonment by the Assad regime is a brutal human rights violation and the continued lack of answers about his fate is a hindrance to the fight for free … Read More “#happybdaybassel”

Reporting back on the Institute for Open Leadership 2

FELLOWS’ UPDATES: Alessando Sarretta: Open Practices and Policies for Research Data in the Marine Community Jane Frances-Agbu: Pondering the Future of Open Education in Nigeria Roshan Kumar Karn: Building an Institutional Open Access Policy In Nepal Fiona MacAlister: Cultivating a Culture of Knowledge Sharing Juliana Monteiro: Creative Commons and Museu da Imigração: notes on a Brazilian experience Katja … Read More “Reporting back on the Institute for Open Leadership 2”

Celebrate CC music: Netlabel Day accepting applications from independent labels

The second annual Netlabel Day celebrating free music under Creative Commons licenses will take place on 14 July, 2016. The call for digital record labels is now open and applications will be accepted through 29 February. First organized by the Chilean label M.I.S.T. Records in March 2015, the 2015 edition featured 80 labels from around the world and released more than … Read More “Celebrate CC music: Netlabel Day accepting applications from independent labels”

Open Education Week: 7-11 March, 2016: Call for Participation

Open Education Week 2016: Call for Participation, by: Open Education Consortium, CC BY 4.0 The Open Education Week planning committee invites your contributions to and participation in the 2016 Open Education Week (#openeducationwk), featuring online and in-person events around the world. There are many ways to participate – including but not limited to: host an event help … Read More “Open Education Week: 7-11 March, 2016: Call for Participation”

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Cheers to an incredible 2015. With your support, creators around the world have now shared over 1.1 billion, including NASA’s iconic images, educational materials in every subject, scientific research, government open data, 3D models, and more. Thank you! And as we head into 2016 and beyond, there is much more to do. We’re thrilled to … Read More “Thank you and Happy New Year!”

Keep the commons thriving

You’ve heard about the incredible 1.1 billion CC licensed works available to be reused, revised, remixed, and redistributed in infinite ways. You’ve heard about huge gains in OER and Open Policy. You’ve heard about the threats to our shared global commons, and that we now find ourselves in one of the most restrictive eras of … Read More “Keep the commons thriving”