Remix our new community video!

Share CC in your language and remix the 2017 Community Video. Following the steps in this guide is strongly encouraged to ensure international recognizability of the video.

Files needed
Download the remix package of a master file of the edited video without the the text xml file for Final Cut Pro. 


The font used in this video is:
Family: Open Sans Bold-
Face/Color: Black – R 0%, G 0%, B0%
Size: see table on next page
Position: vertically and horizontally centered where possible
Alignment: centered


Prepare the translation for your video. The original video has been set up as several short sentences that have been divided in smaller parts:

We’re a global community of creators in every field. (:04-:06)
We’re makers, academics, artists, scientists, lawyers, and more. (:06-:12)
We work in more than 85 countries around the world to promote our shared values of openness and collaboration and to share our work and the works of others with the world. (:12-:26)
The commons are our shared heritage and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone. (:12-34)
Join us! (:36-:38)
Support our work: (:38-:41)

Send your finished remixes to with the subject line: Community Video Remix

Feel free to reach out on social media @creativecommons or Slack at