2004 August

The File Sharing Experiment

Matt Haughey, August 5th, 2004

The File Sharing Experiment is a project with the goal of demonstrating how file sharing actually helps the music, movie, and software industry. Folks are encouraged to post purchases they’ve made and a short explanation of how they learned about the band/movie/game and why they ended up buying something for it. All the evidence is anectdotal, but when taken together, it’s already over a quarter million dollars in reported sales and the site has been up for one week.

Personally, this was the point I tried to make in the heyday of Napster. You could find anything on Napster, but rarely could you find complete albums, so the service had the effect of promoting CD sales. I would often surf others’ music lists whenever I noticed things I liked, download the things I hadn’t ever heard of, then I’d end up buying CDs from Amazon.

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We the Media released

Matt Haughey, August 4th, 2004

Dan Gillmor’s book, We the Media, is now available for download as a PDF, under a Creative Commons license. We recently threw a book launch party for it and the audio versions of the book are already starting to be recorded by fans and readers.

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Matt Haughey, August 3rd, 2004

With the advent of various news gathering services, there’s been a recent trend to produce visualizations to make sense of the information deluge. So far I’ve seen this flash representation of Google News, a Java representation of NewsIsFree, and this interesting timeline-based topic view of Google News, also in flash.

A completely different view on the news is provided each week on JamesHarry.com. “What happens is the news” is an obsessive hand-drawn summary of the past week’s noteworthy events. It’s been around since the beginning of this year, and it’s fun to go back and remember the topics that grabbed headlines. The images are under a fairly open Creative Commons license, meaning you can take these images and do quite a bit with them.

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License to Mural

Mike Linksvayer, August 3rd, 2004

Brad Neuberg has discovered a CC licensed street mural in San Francisco, California:

mural license

Check out Brad’s post for more pictures.

No kidding!

The Market Street Railway Mural is at 300 Church Street in San Francisco. More from the muralist and the Market Street Railway.

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“We, the Media” Launch Partied

Mike Linksvayer, August 3rd, 2004

A few days ago we had a very successful book launch party for Dan Gillmor’s We, the Media at our new offices. Several attendees blogged the party:

Leave a comment if I missed one.

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