Minnesota (Land of My Favorite Rockers)

Glenn Otis Brown, November 8th, 2004

Prince. Bob Dylan. Husker Du. The Replacements. Tomorrow morning I head out for Minnesota to give a presentation on Creative Commons at the 32nd annual Museum Computer Network/Minerva Conference — though I’ll be focusing on copyright in the visual arts, not music. (I’ll manage to work The Purple One or The Bard-Turned-Lingerie-Spokesman into the lecture somehow, however, I’m sure.)

The Minnesota Electronic Resources in the Visual Arts (MINERVA) Symposium joins together with the Museum Computer Network (MCN) to present a dynamic Town Hall Meeting at the Hilton Hotel.
The Town Hall Meeting will examine copyright and intellectual property issues associated with the administration of digital image resources. Professionals from around the country associated with libraries, museums, historical and archival centers, academic and other research institutions with an interest in digital image collections are invited.

As more collections become available electronically, the demand for the availability of all types of resources and collections increases. This trend presents fiscal, logistical, and philosophical challenges to the individuals, institutions, and information professionals presiding over collections. MCN/MINERVA ’04 convenes with a Town Hall Meeting to address the proprietary challenges associated with building, using and maintaining digital image collections.

More info. If you’re in the Land o’ Lakes and want to meet up and talk CC, drop me a line.

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Autobiography under Creative Commons license

Glenn Otis Brown, November 8th, 2004

Bob Myers sez: “I’ve put my new book, Bobby and the A-Bomb Factory, up on the web under a Creative Commons License. It’s ‘historical autobiography,’ a romp through the 1950s with me as a child and my atom-bomb-scientist dad. Please take a look!

(Via Mark at Boing Boing.)

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California Lawyers For the Arts

Neeru Paharia, November 8th, 2004

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel at the California Laywers for the Arts, Music Business Seminar. It was a great event — we discussed how the Internet is affecting commercial music distribution, and business models. In the context of the file-sharing debate, I spoke about how Creative Commons can clarify whether artists want their works to be shared. I also put forth our vision of creating a market where people can sell sampling friendly content, as is demonstrated on the WIRED CD. Imagine if the next U2 album included sampling rights, and you could interact with your music to create something new — that would be amazing.

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Billboard Awards

Glenn Otis Brown, November 8th, 2004

As you know, the WIRED CD was recently nominated for a Billboard Digital Entertainment Award in the category of “best use of technology by a music label.” Neeru and I joined our WIRED counterparts this weekend in Los Angeles to attend the awards ceremony, where we learned that the CD did not take home the award.

It was an honor to be a finalist, and we salute the winner, LL Nation by Island Def Jam.

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The WIRED CD: The Calcutta Telegraph

Glenn Otis Brown, November 8th, 2004

A very nice article on the WIRED CD by Subhajit Banerjee in The Telegraph of Culcutta, India.

Can new-age music piracy be curbed by a good old fashioned crackdown? There are stirrings that suggest the way music is shared is about to undergo a drastic change, thanks to the open approach.

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The WIRED CD: “Going Legit”

Glenn Otis Brown, November 4th, 2004

Reuters has a piece today about BitTorrent in which the WIRED CD is mentioned as one example among many of perfectly legal uses of the technology.

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Killer CC App: The Publisher, beta version

Neeru Paharia, October 29th, 2004

Leveraging the Internet Archive’s
generous offer to host Creative Commons licensed (audio and video)
files for free, we recently completed the 0.96 beta version of The Publisher,
a desktop, drag-and-drop application that licenses audio and video
files, and sends them to the Internet Archive for free hosting.

When you’re done uploading, the application gives you a URL where others can download the file. It also is able to tag MP3 files with Creative Commons metadata and publish verification metadata to the Web. A HUGE congratulations to Nathan Yergler, who’s done an amazing job with this. Also, a great thanks to Jon Aizen and the folk at the Internet Archive. You can download the Publisher from here — give it a test run and let us know what you think.

Also note that aside from being downloadable from Internet Archive,
these tagged MP3s can flow on to P2P networks, and be identified as
Creative Commons licensed (see our Lookup app we recently also updated to 0.96). Morpheus is currently the only file sharing application to identify Creative Commons licensed files.

Here are some screenshots of how it works:

Drag and drop your file.

Choose a Creative Commons license.

Upload your file to the Internet Archive.

Get a URL from where you can download your file.

Visit the web page where your work will be published, after it
goes through the Archive’s curatorial process (ususally within 24 hours.

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The WIRED CD: Featured on Endgadget

Glenn Otis Brown, October 28th, 2004

Here’s a nice how-to piece from Endgadget that uses the WIRED CD as the guinea pig.

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The WIRED CD: NPR recording is up

Glenn Otis Brown, October 28th, 2004

You can now listen online to NPR’s conversation about the WIRED CD with Wired’s Chris Anderson and Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna.

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DJ Heaven: The Remix Hotel

Glenn Otis Brown, October 28th, 2004

This weekend in San Francisco: The Remix Hotel, a three-day “immersion in technology” and music featuring Dan the Automator (of the WIRED CD!) and hometown phenom Kid 606.

I’m curious to see what some of these guests could do with the WIRED CD and will try to find out for myself.

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