2006 February

Linus Torvalds on CC and DRM

Mike Linksvayer, February 6th, 2006

Noted many places, Linux creator Linux Torvalds has written on using CC to marginalize DRM:

Creative Commons licenses already require that you can’t
use technological measures to restrict the rigts you give with the CC
licenses. The “Share Alike” license in particular requires all work based
on it to also be shared alike, ie it has the “GPL feel” to it.

If enough interesting content is licensed that way, DRM eventually becomes
Yes, it takes decades, but that’s really no different at all
from how the GPL works. The GPL has taken decades, and it hasn’t
“marginalized” commercial proprietary software yet, but it’s gotten to the
point where fewer people at least worry about it.

Emphasis added. This is embedded in a debate about a future version of the GPL, the dominant free software license. Regardless of how you feel about this debate (or know of its existence), your mission is clear: create and discover great CC-licensed content.

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Do you want to intern with us at either Creative Commons or Science Commons this Summer?

Mia Garlick, February 6th, 2006

We are looking for legal, tech and “free culture” interns to spend the Summer of 2006 working with us, making espresso and, occasionally, free beer…if you are interested and think you fit the description(s), follow the instructions for applying. If you know someone who may be interested and fits the bill, please send them our way.

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Remix your message

Mia Garlick, February 6th, 2006

Another instalment to the CC Flickr zeitgeist trend, check out the image below that Dawn Endico has created by remixing Creative Commons and EFF stickers….

BY-SA 2.0

…and of course, you can always create your own stickers for others to remix and CC license them at BumperActive.com.

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#cc chat

Mike Linksvayer, February 5th, 2006

To complement the long term collaboration embodied in a wiki and the measured conversation (at times) on our mailing lists we’ve set up a real time Internet Relay Chat channel, #cc on freenode (link will only work if you have an IRC client like ChatZilla installed).

Like our wiki, the IRC channel is primarily indended as a software developer resource, but feel free to stop by and say hi or ask and answer questions regardless.

Thanks to Jon Phillips for setting up a ‘bot’ which helpfully logs wiki changes and software commits to the channel and especially to freenode for providing such a valuable service to the community.

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Freedom to Creativity!

Mike Linksvayer, February 1st, 2006

This year’s Freedom to Creativity festival is underway in Zagreb, Croatia, featuring a lecture by John Wilbanks of Science Commons on “The Impact of Patents and Licensing on the Commons” and free culture performances by artists from Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro.

Creative Commons licenses for Croatia were announced at last year’s festival. Happy one year anniversary!

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Help give your senator an iPod loaded with CC music

Eric Steuer, February 1st, 2006

During last week’s Senate hearing on the Broadcast Flag, Senator Ted Stevens revealed that his daughter had recently bought him an iPod — and that he enjoys using it to listen to ripped CDs. In turn, IPac has launched a drive to collect money to buy iPods for other senators who work on technology legislation. They’ve promised to load the machines with “public domain content, Creative Commons content, and audio messages about the importance of balanced copyright policy.”

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