2008 March

CASH Music Adds Donita Sparks and Xiu Xiu

Cameron Parkins, March 3rd, 2008

CASH Music (who we blogged about glowingly here) has recentlly added new media from both seminal rocker Donita Sparks and experimental indie act Xiu Xiu.

Donita Spark’s page has CC licensed free downloads as well as the ability for people to own a share of a percentage of the sync license royalty check for Spark’s single “He’s Got the Honey“. Xiu Xiu’s page is similarly experimental, giving users the ability to upload their own tracks for Xiu Xiu to sing on as well as a collection of fan submitted haikus and a gallery of Polaroids.

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CC Salon Belgrade: Festival of Free Culture

Michelle Thorne, March 3rd, 2008


CC Serbia will be hosting the first CC Salon in Belgrade on March 7th – 10th. The program features many fantastic local projects, including CCBit, the first Creative Commons-licensed music CD compilation in Serbia, and Freedom Toaster, a device/interface for individual file-sharing in public spaces. The CC Salon Belgrade also welcomes guest speakers from Brazil, Sweden, and Croatia to share their perspectives in a series of talks on intellectual property and the politics of ownership and distribution.

Panel highlights include:

  • Great album – can you burn it for me? Alternative economies and creative industries
  • After Copyright
  • Creative Commons licenses and Wikipedia in Serbian
  • Piratbyran and Pirate Bay – activism and service economy

with presentations by Ronaldo Lemos (CC Brazil), Tom Medak & Marcell Mars (CC Croatia), Rasmus Fleischer, Magnus Eriksson (piratbyran.org), Vlidi (slobodnakultura.org), and Nevenka Antic & Vladimir Jeric Vlidi (CC Serbia). There is also an exhibition on digital games, Playground @Play Cultures, and a screening of the feature-length CC-licensed film Star Wreck.

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Nine Inch Nails releases Ghosts I-IV under a Creative Commons license

Eric Steuer, March 2nd, 2008

Some very exciting news for music fans: Tonight, Nine Inch Nails released Ghosts I-IV, a collection of 36 new instrumental tracks that are available to the world under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

This music arrived unexpectedly as the result of an experiment. The rules were as follows: 10 weeks, no clear agenda, no overthinking, everything driven by impulse. Whatever happens during that time gets released as… something.

The end result is a wildly varied body of music that we’re able to present to the world in ways the confines of a major record label would never have allowed – from a 100% DRM-free, high-quality download, to the most luxurious physical package we’ve ever created.

We’ll have a lot more to say about this exciting development very soon. In the meantime, read more about the project and check out the music!



Encyclopedia of Life launches, publishes articles under CC licenses

Timothy Vollmer, March 2nd, 2008

The Encyclopedia of Life, an ambitious project to document all of Earth’s known species, has released its first 30,000 pages of content. Over the next 10 years, the project aims to aggregate, in one place, information on an estimated 1.8 million species. From the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) press release:

Intended as a tool for scientists and policymakers and a fascinating resource for anyone interested in the living world, the EOL is being developed by a unique collaboration between scientists and the general public. By making it easy to compare and contrast information about life on Earth, the resulting compendium has the  potential to provide new insights into many of life’s secrets.

In most cases, Encyclopedia of Life contributing members have made content available using one of the following Creative Commons licenses: Attribution, Attribution-ShareAlike, Attribution-NonCommercial, or Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Users can easily note the CC license attached to each article and accompanying media (like photos).

EOL fish photo CC marking

The EOL project incorporates an open collaboration and feedback process, calling on community members and scientists to offer design suggestions and ideas for content development.

Download and read the full press release. More EOL coverage from the New York Times.

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Visit Planet Creative Commons

Mike Linksvayer, March 1st, 2008

In the universe of blogs and other syndicated content, a planet is a service that aggregates a specific set of blogs, usually all relevant to a particular community, so that one may easily follow conversations (or at least blogged updates) in the community or drop in and see what is happening in a community without having to visit many individual blogs (and having to figure out which ones to visit).

Planet Debian and Planet GNOME were the first two planets. Now a planet aggregator is a well established communications channel for many large free software communities, complementing mailing lists, IRC, wikis, and individual and project blogs. Planet Mozilla is another good example.

We’ve been syndicating CC jurisdiction project blogs on the CC home page for a while. Now you can see more and subscribe at planet.creativecommons.org/jurisdictions/. Or visit the Planet Creative Commons home page to get this blog, CC jurisdiction blogs, and various CC community blogs all at one time.

You can read about the software that runs the Planet on the CC wiki, including CC engineer Nathan Kinkade’s plugin to read syndicated license information.

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