Google Goes CC

Mia Garlick, November 4th, 2005

Google now enables CC-customized searching so you can search for Creative Commons-licensed content on either Google or Yahoo!’s Advanced Search page. Creative Commons’ own “Find” page now gives you to option to use either Google or Yahoo! for your searching. With two major search engines now enabling the dissemination of CC-licensed works, this enables greater dissemination of CC-licensed works and establishes CC’s licensing infrastructure as an important component of the Internet.

3 Responses to “Google Goes CC”

  1. _elliott.b says:

    it’s really great to see that larger, more readily used online services such as google and yahoo are helping to increase the awareness and access to open content! it’s also good to see the search engines now on the ccsearch page

  2. filo5 says:

    That’s great idea! No longer have to check license on image’s site!

  3. filo5, perhaps you are referring to the much more recent addition of CC filtering to Google Image Search? See

    However, it is still recommended that you look at the license on the image’s site, no search engine is absolutely perfect. :)