Releases Improved Uploading Interface

Tim Hwang, July 17th, 2008

Prominent Free Culture activist, ROFLCon-ite, and close CC friend Dean Jansen blogged recently about’s new absolutely amazingly easy-to-use new interface for uploading media. As he writes,

This is great news, as has historically been notoriously difficult to publish to. I’m encouraging them to go one step further and add easily accessible RSS links (with media enclosures) for users, categories, searches and so forth. This will turn into an amazing free 1-stop (non-profit) publishing platform for independent podcasters and video bloggers alike.

Very cool. It currently only works for things less than 100 MB, and for anything larger, there’s the Creative Commons Publisher Tool. Check it out!

One Response to “ Releases Improved Uploading Interface”

  1. Mike Linksvayer says:

    This is great, but year-old news. Unfortunately what does (at least the collections side) doesn’t get written about much, so people don’t know. So the double post is entirely warranted. :)