TweetCC Lets You CC License Your Twitter Feed

Fred Benenson, February 24th, 2009

tweetCCUntil now, the only way to mix your microblog and Creative Commons licenses was to sign up for the free-as-in-speech service (or run your own instance of Laconica), which requires all posts to be under our Attribution license. But as of February 18th, thanks to the work of UK author Andy Clarke, you can CC license your twitter feed via TweetCC.

The idea is to post a tweet to Twitter letting @tweetCC know that what license (or waiver, in the case of CC Zero) you want your feed to be under, and then the service keeps track of your choice for the rest of the web’s reference. Users can also look up whether and how a given Twitter user has chosen to license their feed. Right now, our Public Domain Dedication is the default and thereby most popular choice, but take a look at the rest of our licenses offered on the site, and CC license your twitter feed today!

3 Responses to “TweetCC Lets You CC License Your Twitter Feed”

  1. So would this mean that I don’t want anyone to copy my tweets and use them without saying it’s a re-tweet from me ? I think it would be too hard to keep track of everyone who would infringe this…

  2. Andy Clarke says:


    Licensing your tweets under a CC license or waiver is not about re-tweeting. Re-tweeting would not be an infringement in just the same way that linking to a blog post or a news story or any other web site is not an infringement of copyright.

    When you license your tweets you make it clear to authors and publishers (like me) if and how I might reproduce your tweets. Nothing more or less than that I think.

  3. Axel says:

    How would it hold up legally if I just added the abbreviated license code in my twitter profile description?
    Can I use the field in the profile where I indicate my home page for a link to the license and would that be legally relevant?
    What effect would just relying on one of the two above options have?