Flickr Video

Cameron Parkins, April 15th, 2008

Wondering what those moving images popping up in your friends’ Flickr photostream are? Last week Flickr introduced the ability for users to upload videos as well as photos, adding new functionality to one of the web’s leading media-sharing sites.

Flickr has long been exemplary of a well executed, CC-enabled content community. By utilizing the same simple, clean, and straightforward interface to CC licensing that they have employed for photo uploads, Flickr Video poses itself to be a huge resource for those in the CC community who create and reuse video.

Anyone can see videos, but only users with pro accounts can upload videos. The maximum time length for any video is 90 seconds, though this is a limitation that has less to with technology and more to do with aesthetics.

You can read more about Flickr Video at the FAQ page and check it out in practice at the Video! Video! Video! Flickr group. Also, be sure to take note of the CC-shout out in reference to flexibly licensed music — see more on our legal music for videos page.

3 Responses to “Flickr Video”

  1. Computerhotline says:

    An another website to share photos, videos, blog… and more file :

  2. Mike Linksvayer says:


    ipernity looks nice, and I see that CC licensing is enabled, eg

    It would be really nice to add a CC portal and search like and

  3. ComputerHotline says:

    Mike Linksvayer,
    1) I’m not the webmaster of Ipernity,
    2) It’s in the TO-DO list.