Metadata embedding and verfication plan for MP3 & other formats

Glenn Otis Brown, June 25th, 2003

A big part of the OYEZ Supreme Court audio announcement today is our new strategy for helping people associate license information with MP3s. (We’ll soon move on to other file formats.)

Right now we’re just showing people how to associate verifiable license links with files. But we want to encourage the developer community and various file-sharing and media player companies to build tools that take advantage of the embedded links to make our licenses useful in the P2P and other non-web contexts.

More info:

(1) Metadata embedding in MP3s and other files

(2) The advantage of the verification link

(3) Verification link: also a traffic engine

(4) Geek-readable version of embedding strategy

Please give us your feedback below, or on the metadata discussion list.

6 Responses to “Metadata embedding and verfication plan for MP3 & other formats”

  1. ryan says:

    I’m very interested in this and have an implementation question:

    Would there be a separate verification page for evey piece of work/mp3?

    Or, would you create a verify.php or something attached to a db of works and licenses etc and embed a url like the following in the mp3:,album=albumname

    then display the approriate info after parsing the url.

    Hopefully a field specifically for this can be added to the id3 tags.



  2. Mike Linksvayer says:

    I have answered Ryan’s question on the cc-metadata mailing list. Thanks!

  3. Solo expresar (como tantos) mi repugnancia por el CANON, que graba la compra de cualquier dispositivo de almacenamiento de datos en España (CD’s & DVD’s). La presunción de inocencia es un derecho reconocido en todos los paises democraticos.

  4. Mike Linksvayer says:

    Thanks for the correction Erik. Fixed above.

  5. Erik Ostrom says:

    Here’s an unbroken link (I hope) for “new strategy“.

  6. jeff says:

    Is the licensing deal possible with .swf, .avi, and real audio files?

    If not, that could be a future upgrade.