Mashup how-to

Matt Haughey, December 7th, 2004

Making music mash-ups (combining two songs, layered one over the other) is relatively easy for those in the know when compared with recording your own tracks, but it’s not always easy to pick up an audio application and understand the ins and outs of it. While some have called for tutorials to help music fans get up to speed, one person has answered the call, publishing this detailed step-by-step mash-up tutorial for using the software package Tracktion. The article is fairly specialized, tailored to Tracktion, but there are basics that could be applied to other audio applications as well.

3 Responses to “Mashup how-to”

  1. sgolden says:

    I want to learn how to make mash ups. i have 45 years worth of music, across all spectrums

  2. RobKay159 says:

    Hey, i to want to learn and im kinda teaching myself how to do it and i find that gettin your selected songs and making sure there in the same genre or similar, i do this because songs of the same genre tend to have close bpms and it makes it easier for you to work with (especially for us begginers)

  3. Chuck says:

    is this mash up legal? can I use it as a back ground music in a commercial?