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Music Communities

Below is a list of exemplary music communities that utilize our tools, typically by enabling users to upload content under one of our free licenses. If there is a community we are missing, please add it to our wiki as this page is periodically updated.

For more information, see our related page on Creative Commons Record Labels.


Berlin, Germany
Soundcloud is a music sharing community that allows artists to upload its works under the full suite of CC licenses. Its set of tools integrate nicely across the web, with adoptions from well known artists and labels.

Free Music Archive

Jersey City, NJ
The Free Music Archive is a project from WFMU that focuses on aggregating and curating high quality, freely licensed content – the majority of which is CC-licensed. Curators include KEXP, dublab, CBC Radio 3, All Tomorrow’s Parties, and Primavera Sound.


San Francisco/San Diego, CA
ccMixter is an online remix community focused on enabling derivative musical works on a large scale. Originally sponsored by Creative Commons, ccMixter is now sponsored by ArtisTech Media.

Indaba Music

New York City, NY
Indaba Music is a hub for online collaboration between musicians. Its digital recording tools enable artists to share loops and songs under the CC license of its choosing as well as pick from a large pool of professional CC-licensed samples and loops. Indaba is well known for its artists remix contests that often use CC licenses to facilitate user-end remix promotion.


San Francisco, CA
BandCamp enables artists to build simple and straightforward profiles to sell and distribute music in a range of formats. Artists are able to indicate CC licenses on these releases and, as a result, easily sell CC-licensed material.


Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Jamendo allows artists to publish its CC-licensed music for free, providing direct access to its active community. Select artists also have work included in Jamendo PRO, the site’s music licensing arm.


One of the pioneers in the CC-music universe, OpSound is a music aggregator that provides links to a vast collection of CC-licensed music from many genres, all under our BY-SA license.

Tribe of Noise

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tribe of Noise connects musicians & business, representing artists from over 144 countries. All music shared on the community website is licensed under CC BY-SA.


Zurich, Switzerland is a music platform designed to help artists work with the music industry. restorm’s free tools help artists to promote and sell their music, whether they decide to reserve all rights or only reserve some with Creative Commons licenses. Artists, labels, promoters, and media representatives can connect in one place.