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Creative Commons and University of Nebraska at Omaha Partner on a Microcredential Course

CC Certificate, Open Education post
Badge listing “University of Nebraska Omaha x Creative Commons” and “Intro to OER” on left. Image of a person reaching for images associated with learning, flowing out of a book on the right. Images include a check mark, paper, light bulb band atom symbol.

Creative Commons is proud to announce the launch of “Introduction to Open Educational Resources,” our first professional development microcredential course and partnership with the University of Nebraska at Omaha, commencing on 31 May. This microcredential pilot started with one CC Certificate alumnus’s enthusiasm for open education. Craig Finlay, OER and STEM Librarian at the University…

Research Analyst, Openly Licensing Life Sciences Preprints


Preprint servers have seen a marked increase in uploads across the life sciences. This surge has been notably propelled by the recognition of the critical need for timely and open access to research findings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Preprints are not only a faster pathway to the dissemination of research results but also facilitate the…

Research Analyst, Open Climate Data Project


Creative Commons (CC) is a global nonprofit organization working to solve the world’s most pressing problems by opening up knowledge and culture about them. We’ve created open copyright licenses that can be used to broadly share creative, educational, and research work. We advocate for legal and governance strategies that make these works globally accessible rather…

Erika Drushka


Erika Drushka is the Director of People and Operations at Creative Commons. She has spent the last 15 years in social impact and technology organizations, leading teams and projects in mission-based work. An expert cat-herder with a background in global program management, she uses process and collaboration to channel creativity around an idea into intentional,…

Exploring a Books Data Commons for AI Training

Policy post

What role do books play in training AI models, and how might digitized books be made widely accessible for the purposes of training AI? What dataset of books could be constructed and under what circumstances? A new paper investigates the concept of a responsibly designed, broadly accessible dataset of digitized books to be used in training AI models.

CC’s take on the European Media Freedom Act

Open Journalism post
Man lying on bench reading newspaper. The Artist's Father, Reading a Newspaper” by Albert Engström - 1892 - Nationalmuseum Sweden, Sweden - Public Domain.

Last month, the European Parliament and Council gave the green light to an important piece of legislation: the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA). In this blog post, we look at the aims of the EMFA and why it matters for Creative Commons (CC) and everyone’s right to access trustworthy information.